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On Being Alone in Your Twenties

The other day I was talking to a girlfriend who is in a situation similar to the one I found myself in with M for a year. They haven’t established any kind of exclusivity, he hasn’t been treating her well, he … Continue reading

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When Men Bring out the Crazy in You

In my last post, I described my addiction to a guy who I dated for over a year, which was finally broken when I found out he had been in a relationship with another girl since before I even met him. … Continue reading

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How to Have a QLC Step 2: Engage in a Toxic Relationship

After reading Jamie’s recent blog post on addictions, she lists many things one can be addicted to: drugs, food, pornography, tanning, gambling, etc.  It got me thinking…can you be addicted to a person? My mom doesn’t think so. But I … Continue reading

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The Beginning of my QLC: Breaking Up and Moving Out

Sometimes I feel like your twenties are akin to a trip for which you were prepared your entire life — by teachers, your parents, your professors, counselors, etc. Now that you’re finally embarking upon it, someone has pulled a sick … Continue reading

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