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Hello, it’s me

“Well there’s always retrospect to light a clearer path Every five years or so I look back on my life and I have a good laugh” -Indigo Girls So it’s not been quite 5 years, but I still can’t believe … Continue reading

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BluePrint Cleanse: Day 1

So, Day 1 really wasn’t bad at all. Let’s recap. 7:00 am: I wake up. I’m pumped. Let’s get my juice on. Let’s do this. 8:00 am: Ok, it’s not here yet. It may not arrive until 11. I’m going to … Continue reading

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From Feasting to (Juice) Fasting

I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit to this, but I’m doing a juice cleanse. Yes, we live in a world where over 800 million people are undernourished, and where hunger is one of the biggest public health issues – … Continue reading

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Living in the Now and Other Stupid Clichés

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I absolutely despise clichés. “Everything happens for a reason!” Sorry, but I dare you to think of a good enough reason why I got dumped, fired, and in a car accident … Continue reading

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Can a Guy Be Too Nice? Or Perhaps I Just Like Assholes

My roommate joked the other night that M has ruined me, and has made me think that I deserve to be dating an asshat. Or that chasing someone is normal. Or that douchebaggery is sexy… or something. I went on … Continue reading

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On Being Alone in Your Twenties

The other day I was talking to a girlfriend who is in a situation similar to the one I found myself in with M for a year. They haven’t established any kind of exclusivity, he hasn’t been treating her well, he … Continue reading

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Why Your Quarter Life is Like Middle School All Over Again

The Developmental Characteristics of Middle School Students: “Students in grades six through eight are changing physically, socially, emotionally,  and intellectually. During this time, children are struggling to define themselves as individuals and in relation to others. They begin to question the … Continue reading

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