BluePrint Cleanse: Day 1

So, Day 1 really wasn’t bad at all. Let’s recap.

7:00 am: I wake up. I’m pumped. Let’s get my juice on. Let’s do this.

8:00 am: Ok, it’s not here yet. It may not arrive until 11. I’m going to make a small cup of coffee. Not part of the cleanse, but I’m not striving for perfection here. Let’s be real, I binged on cake a few days ago. A cup of coffee is nothing. Just drink it.

9:30 am: I hear the FedEx guy. I look out my window and he’s carrying a blue box. It’s here!!!! I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning.

9:31 am: I take a sip of the first juice. This one is a green juice, made with kale, romaine, celery, parsley, cucumber, and lemon juice. Not bad. It tastes like a liquid salad, and I love salad. Okay. I can do this.

11:30 am: Time for juice numero dos. This is a sweeter one (ok, it’s really really sweet). PAM = Pineapple, Apple, Mint. Quite good. Actually, this would be good with a little rum. Mallory, you’re detoxing, get your mind out of the toxic, alcohol-flooded gutter.

1:30 pm: Juice 3. This is the same green juice I had at 9:30. Still pretty good.

3:30 pm: Juice 4. Spicy lemonade = lemonade spiked with some cayenne pepper. I like this one a lot. Except at this point I’m starting to feel slightly feverish, like I’m cold but actually sweating. I put on a sweatshirt at this point and then take it off five seconds later. I decided I need some air, so I take a little walk outside at this point. Still feeling pretty energized, and definitely not hungry.

5:30 pm: Time for the red juice. This is some sort of beet concoction, with apple, lemon, and some others I can’t quite remember. My roommate looks at me, disgusted. I triple dog dare him to do a shot of it. He politely declines. This was my least favorite, but I got it down.

7:30 pm: A friend;) comes over. This is where I kind of definitely cheated. The last drink of the day is supposed to be a thick cashew milk drink, and is apparently delicious. But I didn’t drink it. I did drink juice of a different variety, though… okay, confession time, I had a glass of wine. But it was red wine, so it’s okay. Honestly, 99% of the “toxins” which are flooding my body are comprised of cake, cookies, candy, and refined carbs. I don’t feel guilty about having the wine. It could have been much worse. It did go straight to my head though. Well, duh.

So now I have an extra cashew milk drink. I might drink that first thing this morning, after I finish my coffee. Oh yeah.. I decided to make coffee okay on this cleanse. Whatever.

Day 1 wasn’t bad at all. BUT, I have a feeling things are going to get much harder. I woke up this morning with a gnawing hunger in the pit of my stomach, the kind of hunger pang that travels up into your temples when it strikes (do any of you know what I’m talking about?). It was a bit disheartening to think of doing this for two more days. I entertained the thought of stopping, but the price tag and my pride are keeping me on track.

And when you think about it, hunger isn’t pain or suffering. It’s purely discomfort. A lot of things in life are uncomfortable. If we learn to sit with the discomfort, we realize it’s not as scary as we think it is. Just like learning to sit with other uncomfortable emotions: fear, disappointment, worry, sadness, anger. When we go to extreme measures to avoid feeling certain emotions is when we really screw ourselves. Not that we shouldn’t avoid feeling hungry, or that hunger is an emotion. But you know what I’m saying, right? I need a cracker.

Bring on Day 2…

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2 Responses to BluePrint Cleanse: Day 1

  1. squigglefloey says:

    That sounds like a lot of juice to drink, and enough to keep you full, but I know for me that definitely wouldn’t be the case. I can chug liquids all day and still be hungry.

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