From Feasting to (Juice) Fasting

I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit to this, but I’m doing a juice cleanse. Yes, we live in a world where over 800 million people are undernourished, and where hunger is one of the biggest public health issues – yet, people will pay exorbitant amounts of money to spend three days subsisting on juice alone. Only in America. And now, I am one of those people. Did I mention I’m ashamed?


I am also fairly certain there is no scientific evidence to back the claim there are health benefits to juicing. Clearing out toxins in the body? I’m pretty sure that’s what our liver is for. Hello. With that said, I want to do this because I think I will feel better afterwards. Not because of fewer “toxins” in my body, but because I’ve been eating like complete crap over the last few months. Lots of sweets, lots of wine, and lots of general not caring about what I’m eating. Which is fine. We all go through months of bad eating. So, I’m hoping that more than anything, this cleanse will help me “reset” mentally and change my mentality a bit.

I chose to do the BluePrint 3-day renovation cleanse, and they suggest you prep for it a few days beforehand by eating really clean — veggies, fruit, fish — you know. Well, considering I ate about 6 pieces of leftover birthday cake yesterday, that was kind of shot to hell. Oh and you’re not supposed to drink coffee on this cleanse. I’m not sure if I will abide by this rule yet.

I figure I can do anything for three days, right? Right?! Ok, good, I’m glad you agree with me.

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3 Responses to From Feasting to (Juice) Fasting

  1. squigglefloey says:

    Hahhaa. Soooo many people I know have done one but I can’t bring myself to do it 😦 I get so moody when I get hungry and feel like I’m going to pass out.
    Props to you!!!

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